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Horse farm "Trīs vītolu staļļi"


Skolas Street 18, Riebiņi, Preiļi Municipality, LV-5326

Phone: +371 29112796, +371 26339388, +371 65356807


Lat: 56.3345561, Lon: 26.8005189

Offers horseback rides, carriage rides, photo sessions with horses, horseback rides and carriage rides for events, reittherapy (recreational gymnastics).

The herd consists of specially bred horses. In Riebiņi, horses spend time from birth till they turn 2 years old. Every day the horses are taken out in the pasture for them to run around, play and enjoy fresh air. The horses get used to people and learn basic norms of behavior. They enjoy playing around, having fun in the snow and swimming. Ltd "Trīs vītolu staļļi" (in English - "Three willow stables") name originates from the fact, that nearby the stables there is a large willow and two other willows were planted in an equal distance from it. When they grow up, several generations of horses will have grown up in Riebiņi. 

Horses are available for concours d'elegance and for dressage, fillies and colts. The mares are being coupled with imported stallions, and locally grown stallions, that have been recognized by Latvian Horse keeper Association. There is a possibility to artificially couple mares with German stallions from catalogues. The horse farm works with creating and developing a gene pool of Latvian horses. The horse farm offers mare coupling naturally and artificially. The horse farm also offers a one - hour long seminar in which they share their experience about horse breeding.



Address: 18 Skolas Street, Riebiņi, Riebiņi Municipality, LV-5326, Phone number: +371 29112796, 26339388, 65356807



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