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Prayer site of Old-Believer Church of Moskvina


"Moskvina", Preiļi Municipality
Phone: +371 24922041

Lat: 56.3041595, Lon: 26.6427166

The congregation of Old-Believer Church of Moskvina is very old. The church was built in 1873. The place was chosen because at the time it was populated with tens of houses, 6 km from Preiļi.

When in 1962 the Old-Believer church in Preiļi was destroyed, the congregation merged with Moskvina congregation. The prayer site was built in the honor of the virgin conception of Our Lady and St.Nikolai. This congregation is known not only in Latvia, but in the Baltic states as a congregation that was famous with one of the highest quality chanting and singers.

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