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" Agaves" camping house


„Agaves”, Rušona Parish, Preiļi Municipality

Phone: +371 26315587


Lat: 56.2218669, Lon: 26.9982134

On the shore of Zolva lake in Rušona Rural Territory - the perfect vacation for the whole family.

Address: „Agaves”, Rušona Rural Territory, Riebiņi Municipality. Phone number: +371 26315587 e-pasts:

Ltd „MVS+” offers a calm and tranquil relaxation in the shore of Zolva lake. "Agaves" offers summer house, tent sites and inventory for active recreation (trampoline, badminton, catamaran and boats). 

Prices: tent site for one person - 3 EUR/a day; summer house for one person - 10 EUR/a day. For children below age of 7 - free.



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