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Miniature kingdom and dollhouse


Daugavpils Street 21, Preiļi, LV-5301
Phone: +371 65321737, +371 26423837 

Lat: 56.2920290, Lon: 26.7248134

Take a look at two different miniature kingdoms from distant lands. One can only delight in and admire the imagination of the craftswoman and the way she made her dreams come true!

Here you can take a look at the result of a fantasy of artist Jeļena Mihailova and her hand work. In the yard of the house you can view two miniature castles with gorgeous bridges, towers and watermills. Visitors gladly take photos on the background of the castles. To make things more romantic, Jeļena, with the help of her team, created handmade costumes of the particular era for adults and kids.

The yard of the house is completed with many antique elements. In the dollhouse, a splendid fairytale and imagination world opens up, one, in which the main characters are the dolls, that were hand-made by the artist. The spectre of compositions is wide; the artist has created her world in great detail.

EUR 2.



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