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House of ceramics of P.Čerņavskis


Talsu iela 21, Preiļi
Tel. 29429630; 29879412
Vēlams iepriekš pieteikties! 

Lat: 56.2913233, Lon: 26.7153636

House - museum of Polikarps Čerņavskis offers an exposition "A life, rounded by a lathe"

in which one can follow the development of the ceramist beginning the creation of simple everyday dishes to distinct and complex forms of decorative ceramics, enjoy the craftsman's color palette and the diversity of ornaments. The ceramists offer the visitors:

  • to watch how a ceramist creates a vase on a lathe;

  • to try out bowl turning and creating (you can take your creation with you or receive it via mail later, once it's been fired);

  • tours for pupils, team games about household dishes and getting to know Latgallian names of them;

  • a special program is developed for events (weddings, anniversaries, etc);

  • you can buy creations of the ceramists;

  • you can order a special item that will be either given to you personally or sent via courier mail;

  • spend time in an exciting way with your family and friends!



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